The Greyfriars Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We are called to live, to share and to rejoice in ‘life – life in all its fullness.’ (John 10:10) So we would like to see:

An inclusive society, where no-one is turned away or rejected

A society that encourages empowering love, where people:

  • are enabled to lead fulfilling lives
  • can feel good about themselves and give something back
  • and can discover their spiritual identity as a child of God

We welcome into the life of our church people of every race, gender, age,  sexual orientation, mental or physical ability. 

Our Mission Statement

In this time and this place we believe we are called to nourish our community by providing opportunities:

  • to worship together in a creative, inspiring way
  • to belong
  • to serve
  • to celebrate mystery and creativity and to lift spirits

We are called to build a joyous community in which people:

  • celebrate life and appreciate good things
  • can recover a sense of wonder and a sense of the sacred
  • rejoice in the present and learn to give thanks.

We are called to a sense of connectedness to the world, where people are able:

  • to feel a common humanity across boundaries
  • to share their experience of what it is to be human
  • to live responsibly in the light of the challenges we face with respect to the environment, peace and justice.

We are called to create a listening and empathetic community that accepts people in the place they are, unconditionally, and really ‘hears’ them.

We are called to build a community of approachability and warmth of character.

We want to build on what the past has given us and create a Kirk community that inspires, where preaching is relevant to today and key issues and values are explored.