Genealogy Searches

Please note that due to a lack of resources and man power, we are unable to offer genealogy searches for the forseeable future.

The Kirkyard is owned by the City of Edinburgh Council and requests for burial records can be made to the Mortonhall Crematorium.

You can contact then on (0131) 664 4314 or via email. More information on finding burial records is available here.

Greyfriars Kirk has been conducting parish services for births, deaths and marriages for hundreds of years. The church is situated in the kirkyard which has been the burial ground for the Parish of Edinburgh from 1562 until it was closed to new burials, on health grounds, in the late 1860s. The Kirkyard is a resting place not only of famous Edinburgh and Scottish citizens but thousands of humble Edinburgh folks.

If you plan to visit to see the burial grounds for yourself, please note that we can arrange bespoke tours that can incorporate specifc areas of the Kirkyard.