Community Action


Greyfriars community outreach takes many forms but is primarily focused around our centre in the Kirkhouse on Candlemaker Row. The project is now managed by Grassmarket Community Project Ltd. - a partnership between Greyfriars Kirk and Grassmarket Mission.

Throughout the week the Grassmarket Community Project offers a variety of workshops aimed at developing people’s self worth, social networks and skills.

Craft, art and community are all central themes in our work. Participants have the opportunity to join in with GRoW wood workshop, the Plough to Plate cookery and gardening program, the Grassroots Textiles workshop, Greyfriars Herb Garden or one of our many arts and education activities.

Although primarily aimed at individuals facing deep social exclusion, the Grassmarket Community Project encourages members of the local community to join in and work side by side with participants from all walks of life.

Visitors to the project are welcome to drop-in to the centre Tuesdays between 1800-1900 and Wednesdays and Fridays between 1200-1500 where they will have the opportunity to see what goes on and enjoy a free hot meal.

For more details on the project visit Grassmarket Community Project.